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  • Best pool salt to use for a salt water pool

    The Best Pool Salt You Should Use and Why

    If you've been among the thousands of homeowners who have constructed or changed to saltwater pools, you've seen the benefits you're enjoying. Skin and hair that are smoother eyelids that are clear and non-irritated and a less expensive chemical cost.

    However, before you go to the local supermarket to buy a bulk of table salt you might need to know a bit about pool salt, how it is, and the best kind to use for your pool.

    What exactly is Pool Salt?

    We could go into a huge discussion on chemicals and then throw some equations at you. But no. Who is going to have time for such a thing? The answer is simple, salt for pools is, salt. It's chemically and technically similar to the salt you purchase and sprinkle over your fries or watermelon. Have you ever had salt on your watermelon? Trust us–it's delicious.

    However, the salt you purchase for your pool is referred to as salt for pool due to two reasons: it's a more coarse grind that is more effective in bromine and chlorine generators. You can also purchase the salt in large quantities, which can help you save money. Imagine sitting at your pool all day while pouring canisters after canisters of salt from the kitchen into your swimming pool. It's not fun, is it?

    Our Top Pick

    Professional Pool Salt crystallizes quickly to match the most rapid dissolving rates available so you don't have to wait for long periods of time for the chlorine tablet to dissolve and create stunning clean water.

    Best pool salt to use for a salt water pool

    What exactly is the Pool Salt What is it used for?

    If you're completely unfamiliar with salt water pools, you could be wondering about what salt's function is. It's possible to build a tropical oasis in your back backyard. However, it's intended to clean the water.

    However, salt alone can't make this happen. It is necessary to use an sodium water chlorinator (or brominator in case you prefer chlorine over bromine) to ensure that your water is clean.

    Remember that salt is actually pure sodium chloride. The chlorinator makes use of a process known as electrolysis to remove the sodium from the chlorine so that it is able to keep the water clean.

    The 3 Types of Pool Salt

    We are aware of a wide range of salt types are available on the market. Kosher salt, Himalayan salt, epsom salt. The list could go on. However, you should only use three different kinds of pool salt for your pool.

    The differences between the different types of salt for pools that you can purchase doesn't have anything to do with salt the salt itself. All three kinds of salt. Period. It's about the method of acquisition and production that could affect the cost and effectiveness.

    Solar Salt

    It's not salt that has fallen onto us from the skies or is being used to fuel spacecraft. It's dilithium crystals that are used as warp drives. However, that's a different matter.

    Solar salt is named because it's the sun's light that produces it. Seawater is kept in an open storage zone that is exposed to sun and the wind. When the seawater starts to disappear, it is left behind salt. It is one of the cheapest methods to make salt as it is dependent on nature to complete the task.

    The drawback is that seawater is a rich source of bacteria that are able to not only survive but flourish in salinity. Additionally, it has millions of miniature brine shrimp within it. In spite of their small size, these are an impurity that's left over from the seawater that evaporates. The more water evaporates, more sea shrimp flourish in the salinity conditions.

    However in the course of the evaporation process, as it is going on, the salt level gets too high, it kills the tiny brine shrimp. Therefore, instead of shrimp floating in your salt pool there are millions of tiny carcasses of shrimp. We're not certain which is better than the other.

    Good news that the high salt-water environment will eventually kill bacteria. However, now you're dealing with more organic contaminants in the salt of your pool.

    The main reason to use the sanitizer or the pool filter is to remove and kill these kinds of contaminants. Therefore, it's not really making sense to use them to cause your filter and chlorinator to work harder than they already do would it?

    Review: Solar salt isn't the best choice.

    In addition, brine shrimp are also known as fairy shrimp, that can also make one wish to keep the species. In fact, many people did..

    Mechanically evaporated Salt

    Have you got a vivid image of tiny robots moving salt molecules about? Only us? OK, then. It's good since that's the opposite of what “mechanically evaporated” actually means to me.

    This process is similar the process that makes solar salts, except that it is based on artificially generated energy instead of the sun. Since the amount of heat is controlled and consequently increased, it kills the brine shrimp and other bacteria in a much faster manner and also cleanses the water of organic impurities, too.

    The problem is that it does leave some impurities in the salt pool mostly as minerals such as:

    • Magnesium
    • Calcium (which can have an impact on hardness of calcium in your swimming pool)
    • Copper (which may stain your pool unless you are using the iron sequestrant)
    • Iron (ditto the copper thing)
    • Nitrates
    • Silicates
    • Phosphates (though we don't consider the phosphates in pool water as something that we should remove)

    The types and the amount of minerals left after mechanical evaporation are contingent upon the source of the water. While they're not afflicted with the gross-out aspect of dead shrimp and bacteria but they can create chaos on the ability of your water's chemical balance.

    Furthermore, certain minerals like calcium could affect the pool, chlorinator or other pieces of equipment. Also your filter will have to work extra hard to cleanse the water. You'll also need to clean your filter more frequently.

    Review: Mechanically evaporated pool salt is a good option. However, it's likely create more work for the user.

    Mined Salt

    It's exactly what it is – salt that is mined. That's where the rock salt originates from, much like the cloudy diamonds that are extracted out of the ground. Within our United States, rock salt is the most popular kind used to cover everything from tables to icy roads, swimming pools.

    The rock salt you buy can be the purest kind of salt for pool that you can purchase, with a range between 95% and 100% sodium chloride.

    The verdict: We have a winner! The great thing about it is that you won't have to think about the kind that salt is being used when you purchase bags of salt for your pool. It's likely to be taken from mines and is the most pure you can discover to use in your swimming pool.

    Do you feel frustrated when adding substances and struggling to maintain your swimming pool free every day?

    We've eliminated all the confusion about maintenance for your pool with this simple-to-read illustrated ebook and video tutorial. This will help you save $100 on your maintenance for your pool!

    It's OK to be Salty

    Hey, we're not the only people to advise you to reduce the saltiness. We're kind of fond of this around here. However when it comes down to your swimming pool salty is the best option.

    Make sure you buy salt marked “pool salt” to be sure it's genuine, and the correct amount for your pool and also the simplest and less costly alternative.

    the best pool salt brand

    The idea of having a saltwater pool could be a brand new way of life for many pool owners. Being able to not add chlorine to your pool every day or even weekly could seem like a burden taken away from back. The majority of pool owners have a simpler time keeping their pool clean and algae-free.

    When you decide to convert your pool to salt , or you simply discover that it's being drained and you are running low, the salt you add to your pool is not table salt and can't be road salt. Be sure to trust us on this one regardless of what bargain you get on table salt, you have to make use of salt for pools.

    Luckily, there aren't that many things to consider when choosing which salt to use for your needs, however we did a thorough review of our top five salts for pool to help you.

    The 5 Most Effective Pool Salts – Reviews

    1.AQUASALT 40 Swimming Pool Chlorine Generator Salt – Best Overall


    Our top choice for best salt for pool use that we have found would be Aquasalt 40. It is a pure, certified USP salt that is graded. In our previous article, we said that you should use the pool grade option in addition to salt in your swimming pool, Aquasalt qualifies.

    The bag is available in a size of 40 pounds. The amount you'll require to bring your saltwater pool levels where you want it will depend on the size of your pool as well as the current salt levels.

    The most important aspects to consider when choosing a good salt is its capacity to dissolve. The salt dissolves quickly and uniformly as well. It is crucial to ensure that you distribute it evenly across the pool. Users have reported no clumps and there is no additional brushing required with the use of Aquasalt 40.

    At the price for bags, and considering the high-quality of the salt and the variable speed at which it dissolves makes it a good overall choice that pool owners will revisit when it's moment to salt their pool.


    • Dissolves quickly
    • Do not do any additional brushing
    • 40-pound bag
    • Great pricing


    • Some pool owners have reported that they had to use a lot to increase salt levels

    2.Clorox 81040CLX Premium Pool Salt – Best Value

    The next item to our wish list Clorox 81040CLX premium salt for pools. The Clorox pool chemicals and maintenance products typically work great however they cost a lot of dollars. This salt is the most effective pool salt price we can locate.

    It is a pure salt that will dissolve quickly in the swimming pool. The amount you'll require for treating your swimming pool can vary however the bag does come in a size of 40 lbs. One of the main complaints homeowners had about the Clorox salt for pools came from the packing.

    The container that the salt from the pool is stored in is extremely thin, and it can also open when it is being shipped. Make sure to keep this in mind before you open the box in order to prevent getting salt everywhere on your doorsteps. Take care when opening the package and make sure that the bag isn't leaky prior to taking it off. In addition you'll get an outstanding price for this salt.


    • Dissolves quickly
    • A great cost for the item
    • Size 40-pound


    • Packaging isn't very durable.
    • Can spill during shipping

    3.Diamond Crystal 8526 Pool Salt – Premium Choice


    The next option in our checklist is Diamond Crystal Pool Salt 8526. It is a premium pool salt (just as our other two choices) however, this one is pricey. Diamond Crystal will cost you significantly more. The pool salt is extremely pure and will definitely assist in maintaining that your water is clear and clean.

    diamond crystal pool salt dissolves fast and doesn't require any additional effort from you to ensure it's properly mixed into your pool. The only problem that we have with this Diamond Crystal option is the cost. It's difficult finding out why it's significantly higher than the other choices on our list, even though it is able to provide similar results.

    People have reported having less irritation on the skin when using Diamond Crystal than other pool salt options . Any saltwater pool is likely to cause less eye and skin irritation than traditional chlorine pools.


    • Pure salt
    • Rapidly dissolving


    • Very expensive

    4.Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt


    The next item up on our list of recommendations is Morton Salt 3460 Pool Salt. If you're not aware of the Morton salt's name, you might want to go to the nearest supermarket. They are salt experts. They make a extremely efficient and effective pool salt.

    It is an all-pure pool salt that melts very quickly. We have no complaints with the Morton pool salt , aside from the price. While it's not as expensive as Diamond salt for pool but it's still nearly twice the price of our top choice. We can't really see the benefits of buying the salt for a pool costing more than a different.


    • Pure salt from the pool
    • Dissolves quickly


    • The cost is high, but there is no significant advantage

    5.Home Repair Parts Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine Generator Salt


    Our final choice will be our final choice, the Home Repair Parts Swimming Pool Salt. The reason why this item is on the bottom of our list is because of the size of the it, not the quality. This home Repair Kit comes with five 40-pound salt bags. The majority of pool owners aren't likely to require this amount of salt and, since there's no choice to purchase only the one package, this could not make it to the top of the list.

    It is a salt that has been designed specifically for swimming pools. One thing we love about this salt is that, if the bags break during shipment the company will repair the bag for you. Since this happens with other salts used in pools, this is an excellent advantage.


    • Affordable price for a big pool
    • Bags damaged during shipping


    • It is available in a bulk version
    • It is expensive due to the amount you need to buy

    Buyer's Guide

    As you might have guessed from our reviews of salts used in pool cleaning, there's no significant difference between one salt from the one that follows. Price packaging, pricing, and the speed at which it dissolves are the primary factors to think about when choosing the Best pool salt to use for a salt water pool

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