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  • Peristaltic Dispensing Pump

    Peristaltic Dispensing Pump

    Peristaltic pumps are conducive for viscous and corrosive fluids because they do not come into contact with the tube. The industrial pumps are some of the most popular because they have a lot of different specifications, and will fit into the different industrial applications. They also function well with dry running, have a reversible working mechanism and are extremely tolerant to contaminants.

    Types of peristaltic dispensing pumps

    The OEM style peristaltic pump kits have different motor types to allow for all the various functions. Some of these include the DC hose pump, BLDC and AC motor pumps. We can help you choose the right dispensing pump from the following collection:

    • Compact
    • Medial
    • Micro
    • Transfer

    The OEM peristaltic pumps have variable flow rates to work in different environments. You want to choose the micro to transmit a small volume of content, and the transfer pump for large volumes at a flow rate of 8.8 liters in a minute.

    Everything about the peristaltic tubing

    The hose or tube material as tough engineering to allow the pumping of aggressive media or harsh chemicals. You want to pick the kind of tubing that has a low motor speed for slow pumping, and vice versa. A peristaltic dispensing pump with a high diameter is a good choice for high speed pumping, because it ascertains the recovery of the original shape once you complete the fluid circle.

    Things to consider when choosing a peristaltic dispensing pump

    Smooth action

    The pump should have a spring that allows for smooth pumping action, especially for high viscosity fluids. You also want a pump with the right dimensions for the specific project, because it will maintain a stable flow rate and result in relatively stable readings. A sophisticated pump usually has an adjustable feature so you can control the pressure, and a proper tube lining to maintain the right chemical environment.

    Ease of use

    The ideal pump will be easier to use because it has valves with many different capabilities. Most times, you want a pump that allows clockwise and anticlockwise operations, to help the fluid move into the right direction without transferring into the wrong space.

    Efficient function

    The multi-channel pump will have several heads to transfer the medium via multiple channels. It is important to choose a pump that has the right number of rollers for high pulsation, because a high number of heads automatically collapses the pressure. A perfect example of a dispensing pump with multiple valves is the industrial dishwasher, dialysis machine or emissions monitoring system.

    What makes our pumps to stand out?

    APT Instruments stand out because they have stable and accurate flow rates for different applications. Our portfolio provides solutions you need for small to large applications, which is convenient for an industry with many different pumping needs.

    We have a program that allows prospective clients to pre-order the peristaltic OEM pumps and carry out tests before permanently fitting them into the process. We trust that you will use each of the devices in their intended applications, and herein prevent accidents that come from attempting to use them for medical issues. Contact us online to book an appointment for more consultation on the peristaltic pump system.

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