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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Window Screen Repair Long Beach

    Window Screen Repair Long Beach

    Visit Screen Weaver when you’re looking for a professional window screen repair in Long Beach. Our window repalcement screen designs are unique in appearance and made to a high standard of quality, so you can expect many years of function and visual appeal from our product. Instead of using standard screen material to replace a window screen, you can choose from beautiful vine or bamboo designs that add a warmth to your home as well as a new curb appeal. Along with custom screening products, we recommend a professional installation process to ensure exceptional results.

    3 Reasons To Not Put Off Having Your Screens Repaired

    1. Replacement window screens are an affordable way to boost security around your home; in fact, the window screen replacement cost is relatively low in comparison with other security improvement measures. Screens with holes and rips let potential intruders know that they have one less deterrant to get through to enter your home. Buy a replacement window screen that not only gives your home the appearance of being secured solidly but also looks great from the inside and out. Call on Screen Weaver to guarantee a professional window screen repair in Long Beach today.

    2. Tears in your window screens are unsightly and can significantly detract from the look of your home from both indoors and outdoors. If you’ve closed up screen holes using duct tape or transparent tape, you should know that a band-aid repair will only prevent the inevitable screen replacement you’ll need to take care of. The price of window screens from Screen Weaver is incredibly affordable at just $8 per square foot. Order screens for windows up to 5’8″ wide from our Web store. Our unique patterns run vertically from top to bottom; be sure to measure twice for accuracy.

    3. Our custom window screens add value to your home, so you’ll see a high ROI as a direct result of installing our products. Whether you’re thinking about selling your home and need a way to attract the attention of a buyer or you’re planning to stay in your home for some time, you’ll discover a wonderful charm from our custom screens.

    Install Screen Weaver window and door screens on the sides of your home that receive direct sunlight and the designs will cast a lovely shadow across walls and doors while the sun is coming up or going down. Friends, family, and guests in your home will want to know exactly where you purchased your window screens, how much they cost, and whether they can purchase them for their homes.

    Screen Weavers For The Perfect Window Screen Repair In Long Beach

    Install our quality custom screens around your screened-in patio area, in your home, inside of your RV, in resort accommodations, at your cafe or restaurant, in hotel rooms, or in your lanai. Interior designers, RV manufacturers, hotel owners, screen installers, and home builders can apply for wholesale pricing on bulk orders; don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

    Window Screen Repair Long Beach

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    Window Screen Repair Long Beach

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