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  • If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!


    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Plumbing Problems You Can Fix DIY In 5 Minutes

    Common Decatur Plumbing Problems

    The most common Decatur plumbing problems are toilet clogs, drain clogs, and pipe leaks. Other widespread home plumbing issues include water heater problems, low water pressure, running toilets, and leaking faucets. Plumbing systems will fail one way or another over time, and there is no escaping it. But you can do things to keep your plumbing in the best possible shape. Also, you can learn when to try to fix it yourself and when to reach out to a plumber.


    Understand How Plumbing Works

    Not all homeowners understand how plumbing works, much less what to do when something goes wrong. If this is you, do not worry. Being mindful of common plumbing solutions is essential. There are simple actions you can take when a common Decatur plumbing problem ruins your day. It is natural to freak out when you have plumbing problems. Remember that there are issues simple enough to DIY without difficulty. Others come with potential dangers, and professional plumbers can repair them. Here we will help you unclog drains and toilets, and help you understand when to call a plumber.

    Fight Drain Clogs with A Plunger

    Generally, you can clear the minor sink, shower, and tub clogs with a common rubber plunger. If there is no standing water, partially fill it with water and start plunging. Allow water to fill the plunger before placing it over the drain. Next, aggressively plunge up and down twenty times before lifting it off the drain opening.

    DIY Plumbing-Drain Clog Secrets

    For a double-bowl kitchen sink with one clogged side, use a wet rag to help. Block the clear drain opening with the rag while you plunge the other one. When a bathroom sink clog is a problem, block the overflow hole with a wet rag. Using the rag helps to increase the pressure on the clog and will help loosen it.

    Toilet Clogs Are Nasty Plumbing Problems

    A toilet clog is an unwelcome and nasty situation. When a toilet does not flush completely or not at all, it is a problem. The water in the bowl backs up and can begin to overflow. Toilet problems happen when something blocks the water flow. Solid items caught in the plumbing can stay put. As you flush other items, they do not travel down the pipe catching on the blockage. More flushing traps more debris worsening the clog and eventually forms a complete blockage. Clearing the obstruction is the priority after shutting off the water flowing to the toilet. You need to find the wheel-shaped knob behind or next to the toilet. Quickly, turn this knob all the way to the right to stop water from filling the toilet bowl.

    Plunging is Job One for Toilet Clogs

    Use a plunger to dislodge Decatur plumbing clog problems. Plunge the commode twenty times and repeat the process three times. If the toilet is slow to flush after the plunging sessions, you can grab a bucket. Fill the bucket with extremely hot water. Pour buckets of hot water into the toilet from waist height to assist in unclogging. Repeat the plunging process until normal flushing resumes.

    Watch What You Flush

    When you flush the unflushable, you are in for a world of hurt. Whether or not a package says flushable is irrelevant. There is no wipe on the market today that is safe to flush. For clarity, baby wipes, butt wipes, face wipes, cleaning wipes, and disinfecting wipes are not ok to flush. Flushing wipes of any kind, along with cotton swabs, paper towels, hair, and cotton balls, will lead to toilet clogs. Even excess toilet paper will clog a toilet. Please, instruct children and adults alike on what to and not to flush to keep toilets working well.

    When to Call A Plumber for Decatur Plumbing Problems

    Sometimes you need to call a Decatur plumbing professional to manage clogged drains and clogged toilets. Suppose you cannot easily remove the blockage yourself, call a plumber. Also, contact a plumber when you face clogs repeatedly in the same drain or toilet. Avoid using caustic drain cleaners. Harsh chemicals are bad for your health, horrible for your pipes, and contaminate wastewater. Call Anthony Wimpey Plumbing at 404-948-3720 to fix stubborn plumbing problems without damaging your pipes.