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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Tankless Water Heater Installation and Repair

    Thinking about getting a tankless water heater for your home?

    You’re not alone, and there’s a good reason this plumbing product is so popular. Hot water is one of the most important features of any house.

    Daily, you and your family rely on it for many important things, from cooking to laundry, making it a cornerstone of your house’s regular operations.

    Did you know there’s a way to save money on your utility bill while getting all the hot water you need? Tankless hot water heaters are now an option for you and your family, and Anthony Wimpey Plumbing can help you with the kind of professional installation and service that’ll ensure you never again get the cold shoulder in your shower.

    How Do Tankless Water Heaters Work?

    Standard water heaters don’t just heat your water for you. They hold the water in place until you need it in other parts of your house. In each unit, a supply pipe fills the tank with cold water, a heating element heats it, and insulation makes sure it stays warm. Then, another pipe carries it away whenever a hot water faucet or another appropriate device is turned on. Because the heating element often stays on to some extent, this can cost you a bit of extra money.

    Tankless heaters don’t store hot water. Instead, they heat cold water on demand, right when you need it. This means you can get the hot water you need, right when you need it, without having to heat water you won’t be using for a while.

    Why Should I Go with a Tankless Water Heater?

    While installing a tankless water heater will cost you a bit more than installing a traditional one, your long-term operating costs will end up being lower. Traditional heaters are heating the water in the tank all the time, to at least some extent. If you’re not actively using that water, you’re wasting energy heating it.

    Since tankless heaters don’t use constant energy, you can save money. Additionally, if space is at a premium in your house, you’ll be happy to know that tankless heaters are a fraction of the size of traditional heaters.

    On the east side of Atlanta, many homes use electric power rather than gas, so it’s not certain that a tankless water heater will be the most economical choice for you. However, if you’ve got gas power for your house, or you’re set on the idea of getting a tankless water heater, we can help you with choosing the model best suited to your needs and your budget.

    How Do I Know If My Tankless Hot Water Heater Needs Repair?

    It’s a good idea to have a qualified professional inspect your tankless water heater every year or so, to make sure it’s operating correctly. Aside from that, the most obvious sign that your heater is in need of repair is a lack of hot water coming through your tap.

    A number of problems can cause this to happen. Minerals from hard water could clog the system. You could be using the wrong kind of gas. Or, your heater may not be vented properly. No matter what the issue is, the symptom will be quite clear: You’ll be without hot water for an extended period

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    Call Atlanta’s Tankless Water Heater Experts. Are you interested in getting a tankless water heater for your home? Do you have a tankless water heater, and would like to schedule some maintenance?

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