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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Garbage Disposal Repair You Can Try Before Calling A Plumber

    Garbage disposal repair Decatur plumbers get service calls for at all hours of the day. Anthony Wimpey Plumbing is one Decatur plumbing company that is happy to help you with your garbage disposal. Most garbage disposal malfunctions are due to user error. What garbage disposals do well is grind up small bits of food left in the sink after cooking or washing dishes. Always run cold water before, during, and after running your garbage disposal. This machine will not obliterate chunks, pulverize pulp, or eviscerate fibrous fruits. Raw celery, carrots, or cabbage, and most food scraps go in the trashcan or the compost pile.  

    Garbage Disposal Repair Decatur Homeowners Must Try

    Here is the thing with garbage disposals, sometimes garbage disposals need a minor adjustment to get back in the swing of things. Decatur homeowners can use five garbage disposal repair tips before calling the plumbing pros at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing.

    When your garbage disposal is suddenly not working, try not to panic. You probably do not need a replacement just yet. It is highly likely that the problem is fixable. What may surprise is that you can most likely fix it with minimal effort. When your garbage disposal is not doing anything at all, this is the troubleshooting tip for garbage disposal repair Decatur homeowners should start with first. 

    Is the garbage disposal unplugged?

    Checking the power cord is the first step when troubleshooting any electrical appliance or device. It is a simple check and a simple fix, too. If you find your garbage disposal has become unplugged, plug it back in and problem solved. It is helpful to use a flashlight to be sure you can see what is happening under your sink.

    Does the garbage disposal need to be reset?

    If you find your garbage disposal plugged in securely, the next step is to reset it. When a garbage disposal is clogged, overheats, or malfunctions some other way, it will automatically shut down tripping the red overload protector button. If the overload protector has tripped, the red button will have popped out about a quarter of an inch.

    To reset garbage disposal, first, be sure the garbage disposal is OFF. Next, press the red button in gently. If the button stays in, turn on a cold stream of water and turn the disposal ON. If your garbage disposal runs, you successfully reset it! On the other hand, if the garbage disposal reset button will not stay in wait ten minutes and try again.

    Is the garbage disposal jammed?

    If your garbage disposal is humming, get ready to try to remove a jam. Something may be jamming up the grinding plates, not allowing them to move. Turn the disposal OFF. Unplug it from the electrical outlet. When you are 100% sure that you have cut all power to the unit, you can remove the jam. 

    Put on some dishwashing gloves and reach down into the garbage disposal. Feel your way around searching for a foreign object that is jamming the plates. Likely suspects are utensils, jewelry, nuts, bolts, and other small non-food objects. Most of the time, jammed plates are easily set free by hand. However, do not lose hope if you cannot release the grinding plates on the first try. 

     How can a hex wrench help?

    On the bottom of the garbage disposal under the sink, in the very center, is a place to insert a quarter-inch hex-head wrench. Fit the hex wrench in and twist it back and forth firmly. Doing this allows you to shift the grinding plates inside the garbage disposal manually. You can clear the jam and free the object responsible for it this way. Remember to retrieve the foreign object from the garbage disposal before turning it on or face another jam.

    Did you trip the breaker?

    In newer homes, one electrical circuit will run the dishwasher and garbage disposal. Sometimes in older homes, this is not the case. When the garbage disposal and other outlets are on the same circuit, you can easily trip the breaker when using another appliance. Before you find the tripped breaker in the electrical panel, do a simple test to determine how many outlets in your kitchen still have power. Plug a nightlight into any other outlets available in the kitchen; if you find additional outlets without power, you probably have an overloaded circuit with too many outlets.

    To avoid overloading the circuit, do not operate additional appliances while the garbage disposal is running. Ideally, hire a qualified electrician to make the upgrades necessary to run the garbage disposal and other kitchen appliances without tripping the breaker. This will most likely require adding at least one more additional circuit.

    Do you need to call a plumber?

    If there is no improvement after you complete the garbage disposal repair, Decatur homeowners –  it is time to call a plumber. Your disposal may have a factory defect. Be sure to see if it is under warranty and what is covered as far as a replacement. Contact Anthony Wimpey Plumbing for any garbage disposal repair. Decatur homeowners can rely on the plumbing company with over thirty years of happy customers. Call 404-948-3720 now.