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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Suwanee Water Heaters | Gas or Electric? Pros & Cons

    Suwanee Water Heater Pros And Cons

    In Suwanee, water heaters are a hot topic. Discussions center around the pros and cons of gas water heaters compared to electric water heaters. And which one is better. Read on to find out whether a gas or electric water heater is best for you.

    Suwanee Water Heater Installation Requirements For Electric And Gas Water Heaters

    Installation is fast and straightforward for electric water heaters. A 220 electrical outlet is necessary to power an electric water heater. An electrical upgrade adds to the water heater installation cost when no 220 is available. By contrast, gas water heater installation involves installing ducts for ventilation. Putting in ductwork entails the removal and replacement of some portion of the structure, adding installation cost. Electric water heaters require less space than gas units. No special outside ventilation is necessary with electric-powered water heaters. Because electric units do not need ducts to ventilate outdoors, it generally costs less to install an electric water heater than a gas model. Install an electric water heater in almost anywhere, like a closet or utility area.

    Comparing The Repair Costs

    With electric water heaters, repairs cost less. With fewer parts than gas water heaters, less can go wrong with electric units. Electric water heater parts are easy to access, cutting down repair time and reducing labor charges. For this reason, electric water heaters last longer than their gas counterparts. Both gas and electric water heaters need regular flushing to prevent sediment buildup.

    Gas Water Heater Dangers And Risks

    Natural gas extraction releases greenhouse gases into the environment, increasing global warming. Because gas water heaters can only run on natural gas, they are less efficient and less eco-friendly than electric-powered models. What is even worse, natural gas is flammable, and gas water heaters run the risk of developing a gas leak causing an explosion. On top of that, improperly maintained gas water heaters leak odorless, colorless, deadly carbon monoxide that can kill humans easily.

    Electric Water Heater Safety And Energy Costs

    With electric water heaters, there are no toxic fumes and little risk of explosion. Therefore, electric water heaters are safer than gas water heaters. Even better, electric water heaters can use renewable energy sources. So, they are more eco-friendly and sustainable than gas units. However, natural gas typically costs much less than electricity. The monthly utility cost will be higher for electric Suwanee water heaters than for gas units.

    Pilot Light Problems And Power Outages

    Electric water heaters do not have a pilot light, whereas gas water heaters do. A dangerous gas leak is a concern when a pilot light unknowingly goes out accidentally. But with an electric water heater, there is no hot water during a power outage. That is without a backup power source. On the other hand, a gas water heater functions normally without electricity, unless it has an electric powered ignition.

    Gas Units Are The Quicker Heater Upper

    The recovery rate is 13 gallons/hour for electric water heaters. At 50 gallons/hour, the rate is more than three times faster for gas water heaters. Water flowing from a gas water heater to the tap is hot in 1/3 of the time compared to an electric unit. For example, imagine that with a gas water heater, it takes 20 seconds for the shower to get hot after you turn on the water. It will be a full minute with an electric water heater before you can take a hot shower.

    Gas Water Heater Pros

    Gas Water Heater Cons

    Electric Water Heater Pros

    Electric Water Heater Cons

    The Expert On Suwanee Water Heaters

    Our Suwanee plumbers have the experience and training to install, repair, and replace gas and electric water heaters. Tank or tankless water heaters, no problem. Whatever your water heater repair or replacement needs may be, Anthony Wimpey Plumbing is the local expert you can trust. Selecting a replacement water heater or one for a new installation is a big decision. Contact our plumbing experts to help you choose the best Suwanee water heaters today.  More information on selecting a water heater.