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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Seven Signs That Say You May Have A Water Line Leak

    What You Need to Know To Spot A Water Line Leak in Decatur

    A water line leak in Decatur can be easy to spot if you know the telltale signs. Find out what to look for when it comes to spotting water line leaks here. The sooner you know you have a water line leak in Decatur, the better. These are the top seven signs that you have a water line leak on your property.

    Seven Signs That You May Have A Water Line Leak

    1. Weird Puddles Inside Or Outside
    2. Unusual Noises Coming From Your Pipes
    3. A Noticeable Reduction In Water Pressure
    4. Water Damage Spots on Ceilings and Walls
    5. New Mold and Mildew Growth
    6. Unexplained Spike in Water Usage On Bill
    7. Discoloration Of Water From The Tap

    1. Look For Unusual Puddles of Water Inside And Outside The House

    Any new puddles of water that appear for no apparent reason usually indicate a leak in your water line. These are puddles found inside your home. Often they are visible under a sink or on the floor. Be wary when unusual puddles appear outside on your lawn. In an otherwise dry yard, a sudden wet spot signifies an underground water line leak in Decatur generally.

    2. Listen for Gurgles, Hisses, And Whistles Coming From Your Pipes

    Hissing, bubbling, whistling noises point to a water line leak when they come from your pipes. When the water is off, consider hearing these noises a sure sign of a plumbing problem that needs immediate attention.

    3. Notice Sudden Reductions In Water Pressure

    If low water pressure occurs in the shower out of the blue, you may have a leaky water line. Water drizzling to fill the clothes washer, sink, or tub can also indicate a leaky water line.

    4. Take Note Of Water Spots On Ceilings And Walls

    Water spots and rings on lower floor ceilings may be a water line leak sign that you do not already know. This type of water damage is generally due to a hidden water line leak in Decatur dripping from an upper floor. A tiny pinhole leak can cause this type of ceiling water damage in no time. Likewise, water line leaks behind walls will leave water spots on drywall that are noticeable.

    5. Be Aggressive With Mold And Mildew Growth

    The presence of mold and mildew is due to excess moisture. The added moisture may be due to a water line leak, roof leak, or another water intrusion. It is essential to locate and eliminate the water source to stop mold and mildew growth.

    6. Investigate Unexplained Spikes in Water Usage On Monthly Bill

    When homeowners are unfamiliar with the signs of a water line leak in Decatur or no visible signs surface, leaks can go unnoticed. In these cases, the first indication of an issue is an unusually high water bill you cannot explain. Do not worry about spikes in water usage that you can explain. Things like lawn watering and car washing can use more water than you might imagine.

    7. Keep An Eye Out For Water Discoloration

    A water line leak means that the water line can no longer contain all the water flowing through it. Cracks and holes let water outside and can allow dirt and other contaminants inside. The resulting contaminated water is often discolored. Take discolored water seriously. It can represent a serious health risk.

    Who Can Fix My Water Line Leak In Decatur?

    Now that you know the signs of a water line leak in Decatur, call Anthony Wimpey Plumbing upon noticing them. We are a local family business with impeccable customer service. Our reliable, skilled plumbers detect and locate water line leaks. Also, we are the water line repair and water line replacement experts Decatur homeowners hire most to fix leaks. Rely on Anthony Wimpey Plumbing for all your plumbing needs, from your water heater to your sewer line. When we say we are coming to help you, we will be there on time.