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  • If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!


    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Can a Water Heater Be Repaired?

    Can a Decatur water heater be repaired? 

    One of the biggest questions homeowners ask is, can a Decatur water heater be repaired? The answer is resounding sometimes. The repairability of a water heater can depend on many factors. And it is not reasonable to go without hot water. It is vital to understand what can go wrong with your water heater and when a repair is an option. How can you know what’s what with a piece of equipment that’s out of your wheelhouse? We’re so glad you asked! Let’s take a look at how your water heater works, some common problems that crop up with water heaters, and whether or not a plumber can repair these issues. 

    The Low-Down on Your Water Heater

    A water heater is a fairly simple device designed to heat the water in your home. Can you imagine going without hot water for even one day? Not likely. We rely on it for so many things that not only keep us happy but also healthy. Baths and showers, dishwashing, laundry, hand washing, house cleaning – all of these things depend on hot water. Without it, we risk more than just a dirty house. Hot water helps kill viruses and bacteria that can grow and thrive without the right cleaning. And cleaning with cold water does not do the trick.

    How it Works

    1. Water flows into and down to the bottom of the tank through the dip tube on top of the tank.
    2. The thermostat checks the temperature of the water against the set temperature.
    3. If the water is below the set temperature, the thermostat acts to heat the water.
    4. The heating element in an electric tank or the burner in a gas water heater turns on when the thermostat triggers it to heat water to the desired temperature. 
    5. When you turn on the hot water tap, heated water moves up from the tank into the heat-out pipe and through the pipes in your home to your faucet.

    Common Water Heater Problems

    Like with any of your home appliances, your water heater can break down. Some problems are more common than others. The most common water heater problems include: 

    Water Heater Components

    Can You DIY It? 

    Some water heater issues are easy to fix on your own. It depends on your comfort level working with the electricity or gas, the tank itself, and the components that run the system.

    With some troubleshooting tips, you might be able to avoid repair or replacement temporarily. The problem with a DIY fix is that you could either prolong the issue or make matters worse without a qualified plumber’s training and experience. 

    Count on the Pros at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing

    If you notice any signs of problems with your water heater, you don’t have to live with it. You shouldn’t go without hot water, not even for one day, and small problems have a way of turning into big ones. Don’t ignore the signs that something is amiss with your hot water system. 

    The master plumbers at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing can help. We have over 30 years of experience with a commitment to exceptional customer service. We won’t lead you astray and try to get you to spend more than necessary. If your water heater is on the blink, but it is fixable, we’ll repair it for you with a guarantee of our work. Now, if it’s beyond repair, we’ll work with you to come up with the best and most affordable solution for you and your family. 

    If you’re having issues with your tankless or tank hot water, look no further than the reliable team at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing. We’ll assess your system and follow up with the best service in the area. Contact us online now if you’re wondering whether or not a Decatur water heater can be repaired, and we’ll work to take care of the issue. Learn more about our plumbing services.