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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Does Sewer Line Repair in Athens Mean the End of My Front Yard?

    Sewer line repair in Athens does NOT have to destroy your lawn. Read on to find out more.

    Sewer Line Repair in AthensSewer line repair in Athens is a real problem. It’s definitely not an optional task…if you have a break or a blockage, you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. It does bring up some questions, however. What causes the sewer line to break or block? Does it have to cost a fortune to repair? Does it mean you’re looking at destroying your front yard? Does a sewer line problem mean there are no choices at all? Let’s get some answers to your questions.

    What Causes Sewer Line Problems?

    If you have a sewage backup in your home, there could be a clog. If you get backup every time you flush, it’s a good sign that the trouble is in the main line, rather than a single drain. Grease, too much food in the disposal, foreign objects flushed down the toilet—all of these can cause a blockage in the line that gives you problems.

    Tree roots are a common cause of sewer line backups. Tree roots seek out moisture, so if there is a crack in a pipe, it will draw the roots toward the water. Eventually, those tree roots will grow right into the pipes and cause breaks, blockages, or even crush the line completely. The experts at ThisOldHouse.com offer some advice with this type of problem—even if the neighbor’s tree is the culprit. Older sewer lines made from cast iron or clay can break down over years and cause collapsed or broken lines.

    Won’t the City Take Care of My Sewer Line Repairs in Athens?

    Sorry, but the answer is probably no. If the blockage occurs between the street and your house, the problem is yours to fix. Some cities put the liability on the homeowner all the way to the middle of the street.

    You can’t always expect your homeowners’ insurance to cover the cost of sewer line repair, either. Unless you have a particular rider covering it, sewer lines are not usually typical of your insurance policy. This puts the cost of the repair and the yard restoration solely on you.

    Will Sewer Line Repairs in Athens Ruin My Yard?

    They certainly can! With the traditional sewer line repair process, you can expect a backhoe to tear up your lawn. In fact, the landscaping may cost more than the actual repair. Fortunately, there is an alternative that will possibly save you time, save you money, and save your lawn: trenchless sewer line repair.

    Can Trenchless Sewer Line Repair in Athens Save My Yard?

    It just might. Obviously, the pipes cannot be repaired without getting underground, but with trenchless repair, you only need one or two holes in the yard. There are two basic types of trenchless repair, and one of them might just save you time, money, and sod.

    The two main types of trenchless sewer line repair are pipelining and pipe bursting. Pipelining uses a pipe inside of a pipe technique. A tube covered with a resin is placed inside the existing, broken pipe. It can be blown inside the original pipe, or it may be pulled through, instead. Once the tube is in place, it is inflated. Over the course of several hours, the resin hardens and voila`, you have a new pipe. You will lose approximately ¼ inch diameter in volume, but it shouldn’t even be noticeable. With pipelining, you only need one hole in your yard.

    Sometimes, pipelining isn’t feasible. If the pipe has collapsed, this just won’t work. The other type of trenchless sewer line repair is called pipe bursting. This process pulls a new pipe through the old one, causing the damaged pipe to break away. You’ll need a few more access holes in your yard for this option.

    Pipelining and pipe bursting are both reliable, efficient repairs. A warranty should guarantee the repairs for at least ten years, with some running as long as 50 years.

    If you’re dealing with sewer line problems, you probably want to get out of the house and just forget the whole thing! While you’re down at the Stone Mountain Park: Fantastic Fourth Celebration, watching their Lasershow Spectacular, leave the worry about your sewer lines to us.

    If you need sewer line repair in Athens, you need to talk to the experts. Contact us today, and we’ll let you know exactly how we can fix your problem without destroying your yard.