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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Water Heater Installation Options For Smart Homeowners

    Should You Be Looking For Suwanee Water Heater Installation Options?

    A Suwanee water heater installation is something you can see coming if you know the common warning signs. Here we will explain a very common scenario that many homeowners experience. If you have not been through this yet, chances are you will someday. Please continue reading.

    Do You Run Out Of Hot Water While Taking A Shower?

    Suppose you are starting to run out of hot water mid-shower. Or, although the water never goes completely cold when you shower, it doesn’t ever heat up enough either. There are two main reasons this happens. If your household suddenly uses more hot water, you might take a cold shower unexpectedly. For example, deciding to shower while washing a load of towels in hot water could stretch the limits of a storage-tank water heater. Additional family and friends in the house who are showering, doing laundry and washing dishes will increase your typical hot water demands. So, using more hot water can make for colder showers.

    Do You Need A Larger Water Heater?

    To fix this problem, call Anthony Wimpey Plumbing for a Suwanee water heater installation. When you are running out of hot water, installing a larger storage-tank water heater will solve the problem. A conventional water heater that is too small will run out of heated water before it has time to refill and heat more water. When you install a larger capacity water heater, it can store more hot water in its tank for your increasing usage.

    What Size Tank Capacity You Need?

    For a conventional storage-tank water heater, you can use the number of people in your household to estimate what size you need. What you look at for water heater size is how many gallons of water the storage tank holds. A water heater typically can hold between 20 to 80 gallons of water. This number is its tank capacity. To estimate the necessary tank capacity in gallons, base it on the number of people in your house as follows:

    In general, in an average household with two to three people, a 40 to 50-gallon storage-tank water heater will suffice. A good rule of thumb is to increase tank capacity by ten gallons for each additional household member in your home.

    Is FHR Important For Suwanee Water Heater Installation?

    After looking at the tank capacity you need for the number of people in your house, it is also helpful to consider FHR. FHR means first hour rating, and you can find the number printed on your water heater’s tank. The FHR number for a water heater indicates how many gallons of hot water can produce in one hour. This rating takes into account how quickly a unit can reheat water filling its tank. The FHR gives us an idea of what it can handle at a peak hour of usage. For example, a tank-style water heater with an FHR of 90 gallons will provide up to 90 gallons of hot water in an hour.

    What FHR Do You Need?

    The FHR of the storage-tank water heater you select for installation should exceed your household’s peak water usage. Peak water usage is the maximum amount of gallons of hot water your household can use at one time. So, add up the number of gallons that you may need with multiple hot water demands occur simultaneously. For instance, you may decide to shower at times while washing a load of dirty dishes and dirty clothes. The FHR you need is best when it meets or exceeds the number of gallons of hot water needed for all these activities. The numbers below can help you estimate your peak hour usage. These estimates are for one instance of the activity on the list. Note that if four people were washing hands simultaneously, you would add 8 gallons to the peak hour usage estimate, for example. Use your estimated peak hour usage to determine the right FHR for your household.

    Get Answers From The Water Heater Experts


    At Anthony Wimpey Plumbing, our team of friendly plumbers will help you understand your Suwanee water heater options. From gas to electric, storage-tank to tankless, we know everything there is to know when it comes to water heater installation. Get plumbing services for all Suwanee and Duluth neighborhoods in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Call 770-385-5660 to talk to an expert now.