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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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  • Plumbers Explain the Complexities of 24/7 Emergency Plumbing

    Plumbers in Madison, GA know a thing or two about a plumbing emergency.

    If you ask plumbers in Madison, GA if they’ve been to their fair share of emergency plumbing calls, the answer is going to be a resounding yes. You should consider yourself lucky if you have never had a plumbing emergency. It’s not fun to come home on the weekend to a flooded basement from a burst pipe, to wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of water coming from a backed-up toilet, or realizing your toddler has rinsed something valuable down the drain during a holiday weekend. The good news is, that’s why plumbers work after-hours – in case of emergencies.

    Whether you have, or you haven’t experienced a plumbing emergency, it’s always good to know some of the basics. We all have plumbing which means we are all at risk of a mishap at some point. Instead of guessing what to look for, what to expect, and what it all means, let’s take a look at what the experts have to say about it:

    Plumbers in Madison, GA

    What Are the Most Common Reasons for Emergency Plumbing Repair?

    Every emergency is different, but many plumbers have a list of things that happen all the time. You can blame some of the most common emergency plumbing calls on the weather, bad pipes, system failures, and even small children. Across the board for the majority of plumbers, the emergencies they respond to include:

    Clogged Sink 

    The bathroom sinks and the kitchen sink often see more than just water. Soap, beauty products, cleaning products, food, small toys, and other debris can make its way down the drain and into the pipes. When this happens, you end up stuck without a sink. A clog is one of the most common reasons for emergency plumbing calls. You need your sinks, and plumbers know how to clear them.

    Clogged Toilets

    If you have more than one toilet in your house, you can live with a clog until a plumber can come on a weekday to fix it. If you only have one toilet, or if the clog is a significant one, you might not want to wait. Toilet clogs can be serious, they can cause the toilet and the plumbing to make strange noises, and they can create an awful smell. Even worse, if a toilet is overflowing, it’s definitely an emergency.

    Blocked Shower Drain

    If the drain is slow, you tend to ignore it. Until it stops completely. Which is why a blocked shower drain can be the reason for emergency plumbing service.

    Leaking Hot Water Heater

    A broken valve on your water heater can cause it to leak, but so can a corroded interior heater wall. A broken water heater needs immediate attention. If you see water coming from your water heater, it’s time to make the call. Water damage in your home can be a much bigger issue than a broken water heater.

    Burst Pipes

    If you live where it gets cold, you’re at risk of burst water pipes. When this happens, it’s no laughing matter. A flood from burst pipes can cause devastating damage to your home, with lasting ramifications.

    Plumbers in Madison, GA

    What Should You Do If You Have a Plumbing Emergency?

    Emergencies happen, including plumbing emergencies. What should you do when faced with such a situation? First of all, don’t panic. While it might seem like a crisis or a catastrophe, chances are a reliable plumbing professional can get to your house and fix the problem in a reasonable amount of time. In the meantime, there are ways to prepare yourself to handle an emergency should one arise.

    If something has gone wrong with your plumbing, be it a toilet, sink, sump pump, or any other water-related device, call your plumber. Not sure if it’s an emergency? You can always call them anyway. They can guide you on whether or not you need immediate service or if it can wait. In fact, as Aaron Stickley of The Spruce says, “Plumbing can be deceptively simple; that is, it can seem less complicated than it really is.” So, it’s best to get a professional opinion.

    If there’s a leak or a burst pipe, shut off the water supply. But if it’s a localized leak, shut off the supply to the sink or toilet that’s having the issue. If it’s a bigger problem, such as a burst pipe, turn off the water supply to the house. It’s the best way to prevent further damage. When a plumber arrives, they can fix the problem and turn the water back on.

    After you’ve turned off the water, do your best to clean up any water that’s on the floor. The longer it sits, the more damage it can do. You can use towels or mops to clean up areas where there are manageable puddles and you can place buckets under dripping pipes. If you have a more significant flood, the best action is to stay away from the water. Flooded basements or other areas can be hazardous and dangerous. Wait for the professionals to arrive before venturing into a flooded room.

    And finally, if you can, make space in the area where there is a plumbing problem. The easier it is for a plumber to access an area, the quicker the repair will be.

    Plumbers in Madison, GA

    How Can You Avoid Plumbing Emergencies?

    There’s never any guarantee you can avoid a problem with your plumbing, but you can take some steps to prevent emergencies. Here’s a list of suggestions from plumbers in Madison that can help:

    Don’t put grease down the drain.

    Oil and water don’t mix, and grease won’t simply dissolve and wash away. Grease will coat the inside of drain and pipe and can cause major clogs in your kitchen sink.

    Don’t put anything in a sink or toilet that won’t disintegrate.

    Flushable wipes are a comfortable convenience, but they might be doing more damage than you think. Even though the packaging says they’re safe to flush, they take time to disintegrate, and before they do, they can cause a major back up in your toilet and sewer line.

    Protect your pipes from the cold.

    Exposed pipes and undrained sprinkler systems are at risk of bursting when the temperatures drop below freezing. Protect your pipes by leaving the heat on in your home, even when you’re away, and have your sprinkler system blown out in the fall before the winter weather.

    Use stainless water lines on appliances.

    Your washing machine and dishwasher’s rubber hoses will wear out over time and could rupture and cause a flood. Swap out the old rubber hoses with stainless steel lines to prevent a plumbing emergency.

    Watch your children.

    We know it’s impossible to watch your kids every single second, and kids are famous for putting things down the drain or in the toilet that have no business being there. Teaching them the dangers of putting items in the sink and toilet is important. When it happens anyway, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and your 24/7 emergency plumber will answer your call!

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    Plumbing Emergencies Happen. Now You Know What to Do.

    Now that you know why emergency plumbers get called, what you should do if you have an emergency, and how to avoid one in the first place, it’s important to know that emergencies still happen. You can be the most prepared homeowner in town, and you still can’t prevent every possible situation. While plumbing emergencies are often complicated and complex, finding a reliable professional to take care of the issue is not.

    For a quick response, professional service and reliable repairs, contact the best team of plumbers in Madison, GA. You’ll find them at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing, and they’re available 24/7.