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    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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    Decatur Plumbers May Need to Re-Pipe Your Home

    Decatur plumbers get asked all the time – do I need a total home re-pipe? If a total home re-pipe sounds major, it is because it is. No one wants to face a total home anything, except a total home makeover. It often means costs, inconvenience, and workers in and out of your home for days on end.

    Consider how vital clean water is to have in your home. It is not only essential for convenience’s sake, but it is also a matter of significant importance to the health and well-being of you, your family, and your pets. Think about how much water you consume and use every day. It is the water you cook with, bathe in, and wash clothes and dishes in every day. In addition, to the water, you need for your lawn, plants, and pets.

    Will a Plumbing Repair Services Fix My Pipes?

    Your pipes are a critical part of the way your home functions. Suppose you have a problem with your pipes; in that case, call Anthony Wimpey Plumbing for repair services. This type of repair service is typically a one-service call fix for our plumbers.

    However, repeated plumbing pipe problems can be more serious, especially in Decatur. It might be something bigger that requires a whole-home re-pipe. But before jumping to conclusions, we will break it down. Here is the lowdown from some top Decatur plumbers on what you need to know about a re-pipe.

    decatur-ga-plumbers-pipesWhat is a Total Home Re-Pipe Plumbing Project?

    A total home re-pipe is just that. It is when you have all the old plumbing pipes in your house replaced with new ones. In the process, you get all new pipes and a new plumbing system. Generally, the only other time you might have all new plumbing is when buying or building a new home.


    Consider the age of your Decatur home, and that is the age of your plumbing. Imagine how much water has gone through those pipes over the years. Now think about how corrosive water can be for plumbing systems. Especially a local water supply with high mineral content. Calcium and magnesium deposits take a toll on your pipes and appliances. Your pipes will not last forever, and if they are an older material, their lifespan will not be what you hope. That is when a re-pipe becomes a necessity.

    What Happens to Decatur Water Pipes as They Age?

    If your home is more than fifty years old, the original plumbing is likely galvanized steel. This galvanized steel pipe was the choice for plumbing for homes for many years, from 1900 to 1965. Although galvanized steel is strong, corrosion breaks it down over time. These are susceptible to the corrosive minerals found in the water they hold. Rust and corrosion build up inside the pipes. The damage affects water delivery as well as water quality.

    What is the Typical Re-Piping Process?

    The scariest part of a re-pipe is not knowing what to expect. Does it mean ripping out drywall and destroying walls? Will they have to dig up your lawn? Will they leave your house a giant mess for weeks on end? The good news is that the answer to all those questions is no.

    First things first, your Decatur plumbing team will send qualified plumbers to determine what pipe materials they will use and where. For most home projects, plumbers will use copper pipes for the main waste lines and the main water lines. All other water lines throughout your house will most likely be some type of PVC or plastic because of their longevity and durability. Once the plumber knows the scope of the replacement project, they will give you a cost estimate for the complete job, including labor and materials.

    Before the installers begin the replacement work, they will cover the areas where they are working to protect your floors and furniture. Then, they will carefully cut into the drywall in your walls and ceilings to locate the pipes and replace them. When the work is complete, after the pipes are installed, they will patch and repair the areas affected. Finally, they will leave your house looking just like it did before they started.

    Most of the work is done during the day while you are at work or can be out of the house. That way, it will not cause a huge disruption to your life and schedule. The entire process should take no longer than three to five days, depending on the size of your home. It is unusual for pipes to require extensive excavation to access them. But if that is the case, they will restore your home before the project is complete.

    What Are the Benefits of a Total Home Re-Pipe?

    You need a plumbing system you can rely on every day. But is it really worth it to consider re-piping your entire house? Here are some of the benefits you can expect from investing in all new pipes:

    When old pipes corrode on the inside, the water that goes through them will pick up and carry those deposits and drop them right in the water you use.

    Without the blockage from the rust, buildup, and corrosion, your water will be able to come through full force. That means your water pressure will be consistent and reliable throughout your Decatur home.

    New pipes will resist bacteria, corrosion, and rust, so you can feel good knowing you get the best water possible.

    Deteriorating old pipes can no longer handle daily use and water flow efficiently. The result is an increase in plumbing leaks, problems, and clogs. Replacing old pipes that are breaking down eliminates the weak spots where leaks can appear. But you can say goodbye to frequent leaks and clogs with new pipes from Decatur, GA plumbers.

    A total home re-pipe is a plumbing upgrade that will last for decades and increase the value of your home substantially. Many report a return on investment for plumbing system repairs and replacements of 230% to 400% upon selling their property.

    What Are The Signs You Need a Home Plumbing Re-Pipe According to Local Plumbers?

    Looking at your pipes is not always as easy as looking at other issues that arise in your home. For example, looking at the outside of the pipes, you might think they are doing simply fine. But this is not always the case. When it comes to plumbing, the problem areas are often hiding on the interior of the pipes.

    So, if you cannot see what is going on, how can you tell if your pipes are letting you down? The most common plumbing pipe problems are easy to detect if you know where to look. Here are the top five ways to tell if you may need a Decatur plumbing re-pipe.

    Do you feel like it lacks water pressure when you turn on your faucet, tub, hose, or shower? If you have seen a decrease in pressure over time, it could be your pipes. Low water pressure is often a result of a buildup of rust and corrosion inside the line that will restrict water flow. Inadequate water pressure is a sign that the pipes need replacement.

    In older homes, you can experience inconsistent water pressure. If some of your faucets seem to have a reasonable amount of water pressure while others barely have enough, that could be a sign of bad pipes.

    It is especially true if your home is more than fifty years old. Pipes that are older than fifty years are most likely galvanized steel and will degrade over time. So, new pipes are your best bet for improving your water pressure.

    Bad pipes mean bad water flow, and when this happens, clogs can happen. When your pipes have corrosion and rust buildup inside, it means the water cannot flow through them effectively. Any type of debris easily catches inside the reduced flow area, further restricting water flow. Constant clogs could mean your pipes are limiting water flow. When mineral scale, corrosion, and debris clog your pipes, it is a sign it could be time for new pipes.

    Corrosion to galvanized pipes can cause them to release iron, turning the water a light rusty brown. You might not notice it in the water itself, but if a brown ring appears in your sinks, tubs, or toilets, which is a clear sign of iron in the water, and a clear sign that you need a re-pipe.

    As old pipes break down, they become weak and become more prone to leaks. If you see an increase in leaks, it could signify that you are due for a re-pipe or major plumbing system repairs.

    How Do Plumbing Professionals Determine If Your Home Needs Re-Pipe Service?

    When you hire a reliable plumbing professional, they will come to your Decatur home for a service call and will complete a careful evaluation and assessment of your piping system before they will recommend a re-pipe. That includes talking to you. Plumbers will ask about your experience.

    Tell the plumbing company about your home and past plumbing leak issues. A professional plumber will also check the state of the plumbing throughout your home. They will also check for leaks you might not have noticed, in addition to inspecting the pipe material used in your house.

    The worst-case scenario would be lead pipes, which would mean the pipes are very old and can cause serious health issues. Other pipe materials, including cast iron and galvanized steel, can have enough corrosion to cause many problems. They will consider all of this and determine whether localized repairs will do the trick or whether you need a total re-pipe.

    Who is the Best Plumber Near Me or Your Home Re-Pipe?

    If the signs are pointing to your home’s need for a total re-pipe, it is time to contact our team of Decatur plumbers at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing. What would your house be like, and what would your life be like, without indoor plumbing and running water? It is hard to imagine.

    We are so lucky to live in an age with many conveniences that make our lives easier and keep us safe and healthy. Your pipes are your line to fresh water and safe plumbing. If they are starting to deteriorate, it is time to act.

    Contact our team of expert plumbers at Anthony Wimpey Plumbing right away. That way, you can get a jump on new, improved, better-performing, safer, healthier water supply delivery with a total home re-pipe.

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