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  • If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!


    If Water Runs through It, Our Plumbers Can Fix It!

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    What To Expect From Our Plumbers in Lawrenceville

    When you schedule an appointment with Anthony Wimpey Plumbing, we are courteous and always respect your time. A plumber in Lawrenceville will arrive on time to diagnose plumbing issues quickly and accurately. And our plumbers will present you with affordable, fast, and effective plumbing solutions. To contact us to schedule an appointment for superior plumbing services in Lawrenceville, GA click the request service button.

    Lawrenceville's Honest Plumber Is Here To Help 

    We are your friendly, knowledgeable, professional plumber in Lawrenceville. Call us at 770-415-8133. Our plumbers are ready to fix your plumbing problems–no matter what they are. 

    Anthony Wimpey Plumbing is proud to be a top plumbing service provider to all of Lawrenceville, GA. We have over thirty years of plumbing service experience in Lawrenceville and all over Gwinnett County. 

    That is why when we say, “If water runs through it, our plumbers can fix it!, you can believe it 100%.


    Affordable Plumbing Solutions

    Feel free to check out the rest of our website for more information about Lawrenceville's best local plumber and the services we can provide you. Also, here, on this page, you can learn about the plumbing repair, installation, and replacement plumbing services we offer. 

    Remember that when you need a plumber near me for plumbing repair, water leak repair, garbage disposal repair, shower leak repair, water heater repair, or drain cleaning, you can count on us. But also know to depend on us for toilet repair, water line replacement, sewer line replacement, and more plumbing services.


    Is It Time For Garbage Disposal Repair Or Replacement Services?

    For many homeowners, the telltale hum of a broken garbage disposal is a dreaded noise–and an unfortunately common one. Assuming garbage disposals are prepared to shred or liquefy large chunks of food, some will inadvertently clog up their disposals with startling frequency.

    In reality, these devices are only meant to handle small food debris. We can fix your disposal for you, and offer help on how to keep it working perfectly.

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    Is Your Toilet Clogged, Running, Or Overflowing? Toilet Repair Will Fix That

    Toilets are one of the more common sources of problems in home plumbing. One faulty toilet part can make your toilet inoperable. When a toilet is not working your home is disrupted, Whether your toilet is gurgling, running, overflowing, or completely clogged, our plumbers have the tools and expertise to make your toilet work again.

    Sometimes a plunger can help you flush a temperamental toilet. But when you need a plumbing company near me, contact Anthony Wimpey Plumbing.

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    Do You Have A Leaky Faucet? Contact A Plumber For Faucet Repair Service Today

    Because a leaky faucet often drips all through the night, the constant dripping noise can be very annoying. So, dripping faucets are the most stressful home plumbing problem for many people. And the leading cause of a leaky faucet is wear and tear from normal daily use.

    We can make any adjustments necessary to get your faucet back in good condition, or supply replacements for any parts that have worn out.

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    Expert Plumber Emergency Plumbing Service Is Here When You Need It

    What do you do when you have an emergency on your hands? When you call most other plumbing companies, you will not talk to a real plumber. However, when you call Anthony Wimpey Plumbing the first person you speak to is a real plumber.

    This means that we start helping right away over the phone. It is fast emergency plumbing service like this that makes us the best Lawrenceville 24-hour emergency plumber.

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    Got Plumbing Leaks? Get Water Line Replacement And Installation Services

    Water lines that are blocked, cracked, crushed, and broken will eventually leak. One cause for leaks is mineral scale or the crusty white, greenish buildup on plumbing pipes and fixtures.

    Watch out for mineral buildup, corrosion, and rust degrading your plumbing. lowering your water pressure, and ruining your water quality.  External forces like soil erosion, heavy machinery, and tree roots also cause water lines to leak. When water lines leak you need water line replacement or repair services. 

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    No Hot Water? Our Plumbers Replace Water Heaters And Offer Water Heater Repair Plumbing Services

    When you rely on Anthony Wimpey Plumbing for water heater repair, maintenance, or replacement, expect quality reliable service from skilled plumbing experts. Water heater repair can be dangerous and scary for inexperienced homeowners.

    So, we offer 24-hour emergency water heater services. Your home will have hot water again as fast as possible. In many cases, it will be the same day.

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    Looking for Water Line Repair Or Leak Detection Services in Lawrenceville?

    Leak detection is usually part of water line repair and replacement services. Professional leak detection requires advanced plumbing knowledge and specialized equipment.

    Is your water line line too narrow for the volume or water pressure you want? We have many affordable water line repair and replacement solutions available. Our plumbers are pipe repair and replacement experts.

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    Are You Searching For Fast, Affordable Sewer Line Repair Service?

    If your sewer line is blocked or leaking, call us right away. Because sewer problems worsen with time, leading to a disgusting, toxic sewer backup. Sewage carries diseases, pathogens, hazardous chemicals and attracts rats and roaches. And this is what can flood your home.

    Do not take a chance with a sewer line problem. Contact us for very affordable, effective sewer line repair in and around Lawrenceville. With our plumbers near me, you get the help you need right away.

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    Tankless Water Heater Repair and Installation in Lawrenceville

    Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters do not store a reserve of pre-heated water. These systems heat water on-demand, activating when you turn on a hot-water tap or appliance.

    Never run out of hot water with a new on-demand water heater installation. And we also supply tankless water heater repair if you need that. Whether you need a repair. maintenance, or replacement, we are the plumbing service near me that can do the job.

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    Local Plumber With 30 Years Of Experience

    Thanks for choosing Anthony Wimpey Plumbing. We are your Lawrenceville GA plumbing company near me. Founded more than three decades ago by Master Plumber, Anthony Wimpey, we are still a local family plumbing business.

    Sons, Dale, and Andrew, run the business now, supplying the same top-notch customer service their father did. The whole team is keeping the founder’s commitment to friendly, honest, fast customer service. And his dedication to being the best plumbers in Lawrenceville Call  770-415-8133.

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